Who Can Be Held Responsible In Personal Injury Cases?

Unfortunately, you never know when you could get injured. You could be at work, the grocery store, walking your dog, or driving to get your daily coffee. If you’re injured in any of these situations, there is always someone or something that is at fault and needs to be held responsible. Continue reading to learn more about who or what can be held responsible in personal injury cases. 

Most injuries and accidents happen due to negligence, but how do you determine the legal liability? 

If you were not where you were supposed to be when you were injured or got injured doing an activity that was expected, the person that could have been careless may not be held liable since there was not the need to be careful. 

If you were also being careless when you were injured, you share a portion of the fault in the situation. This could result in lower compensation due to your part of the responsibility for the accident happening. 

If the person who caused the accident was working at the time of causing the accident, their employer could also be held responsible.

If you are injured on someone’s property that is poorly maintained which led to the accident, the owner of the property can be held liable due to their inability to create a moderately safe environment for anyone who may come onto the property. 

If you were injured in a public space, such as a government building, on a roadway, or on a sidewalk, you could hold the government liable if there was negligence performed on their part that led to the accident. 

If you are injured by a defective product, the seller and the manufacturer of the product can be held responsible, no matter who caused the defect, allowed the defect to continue, or how the defect happened.  

If several people caused the accident or injury, such as a car accident involving multiple vehicles, each one can be held liable to compensate you for your injuries. 

However, you still need to be able to prove legal liability to receive compensation. If the negligent party admits they were at fault, your case could be clear and simple. If the party does not admit fault, your investigation, a jury, or a judge must determine fault for a settlement or compensation to occur. 

After experiencing a personal injury, you need time to focus on recovery. No matter if it is a car accident, slip & fall, negligent security, or another personal injury case, our team at J. Stein Law Firm will assist in determining who or what needs to be held responsible for your injury to fight for the compensation you deserve. If you have a potential case, give us a call today to schedule your free consultation.