Our clients are neighbors, we actively work in and out of the courtroom to ensure our neighbors are taken care of.


The J. Stein Law Firm believes it is our social responsibility to support nonprofit and charitable organizations by providing financial contributions, in-kind services and volunteer support. In keeping with this mission, the firm is dedicated to embracing the ability to use it services to help the community.

The firm’s Community Outreach Program was established as a way for the firm to sustain steady charitable giving in the name of its clients who, without, the firm would not exist in the first place.

The Community Outreach Program mandates that a percentage of every fee earned by the firm goes directly to a charitable organization of the clients choosing. At the time of disbursement of money, the client will direct the firm of the organization to which he/she wishes to have the donation made. The firm will then make a donation to the stated organization in the name of the client (or in the name of the clients choosing).

The J. Stein Law Firm firmly believes in sharing its successes with the community in a way that will positively benefit others and believes with Community Outreach Program accomplishes that goal.

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