Three Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Bit By a Dog

While dogs can be a man’s best friend, sometimes they have negative reactions to movements, greetings, and interactions that result in them biting. The injuries can range from mild to severe. No matter the degree of the dog bite injury, it is a traumatic experience. You never expect a dog bite to happen to you, but it is important to know what to do before the experience ever happens. Continue reading to learn the three biggest mistakes you can make when bit by a dog.

1. Not Seeking Medical Attention

No matter how okay your dog bite may seem in the moment, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you do not seek medical attention, it could hurt the validity of your claim; the other party’s insurance company can make a case that the dog bite must not have been severe if you did not seek medical attention immediately after the bite occurred. Visiting the emergency room or your primary care doctor can establish medical records to assist with proof of your injuries.

2. Not Calling The Police

Unfortunately, many people who have experienced a dog bite have failed to report it. A lack of reporting can result in difficulty trying to prove their case. A report is key to your collection of evidence to properly lay out what exactly happened and what injuries you suffered. This report is normally the key element in building your claim for compensation and damages.

You can call the police to have them file a report of the incident. They may not assign fault but can take statements from all parties and witnesses involved. You can also call the animal control department of the area that the bite occurred.

When you go to the hospital to have your injuries addressed, sometimes they will automatically file a report on your behalf, or you have to ask for a report to be filed. You can also file a report with the health commissioner in the district of the area where your dog bite took place.

3. Not Taking Photos & Gathering Evidence

You could either heal easily from your dog bite injuries or have lifelong complications connected to your injuries. From the moment the dog bite happens, you need to start documenting evidence. Evidence includes photos from the initial injury throughout the recovery process, names & contact information of witnesses, witness statements, photos of the dog, photos from the scene of the dog bite, and your own statement about the dog bite happening. All of this evidence can help you build your case to win your claim for compensation and damages.

Dog bites do not only come with physical pain, but also emotional pain. You and your loved ones deserve fair compensation to assist in your recovery from a dog bite experience. Our attorneys at J. Stein Law Firm are here to represent you. Our team can file your injury claim in Georgia and help you recover the damages you deserve. If you have a potential case, contact us today to schedule your consultation.