​Everyday Objects That Can Become Dangerous In An Accident

When it comes to car accidents, you may be thinking only about the damage that other vehicles can cause. However, it’s possible for items inside your car to cause additional damage that youwouldn’t predict. Loose objects can become projectiles that can cause you and other passengers bodily harm. Prevent additional damage by learning everyday objects that can become dangerous in an accident.

According to a study done by Safety Research and Strategies, at a speed of 55 miles per hour, a 20 pound object can hit with 1,000 pounds of force.

1. Phones and Wallets

While these items are small, they are often heavy when there is the added force of a car accident to launch them into the air. If these items hit you in the head or face, they can do serious damage. Instead of leaving them out, secure them in a place such as a center console or glove compartment while you drive.

2. Groceries

Unsecured groceries can already rummage around in your car while you’re just driving home from the grocery store. If you get into an accident, all of your groceries could go flying. If you have heavy containers of milk, juice, or laundry detergent, they could cause severe harm to you and other passengers.

3. Children’s Toys

Some children’s toys can be heavy and pointy, which could lead to harsh injuries if you are in a car accident. The same goes for unsecured tablets and iPads. For toys, place them in a back or backpack and store that away safely. If want to use the tablet for watching shows or cartoons, you can purchase a holster for the pack of a seat to place the tablet in securely.

To prevent these everyday items from causing more damage during a car accident, only pack items in the truck or cargo area of your vehicle. Also make sure that you secure these items with cargo nets, truck organizers, or other car organizers to prevent these items from becoming airborne. If you have any luggage in your vehicle, be sure to tether it to secure it. Also utilize any storage compartments that come in your car, including your center console, glove compartment, and any other storage spots.

While you cannot prepare for every aspect of a car accident, including everyday objects that can become dangerous during an accident, you can certainly take the time afterward to recover and seek out any compensation you may be entitled to. If you find yourself in a car accident, give us a call at J. Stein Law Firm. We assist victims to navigate insurance claims so they can focus on their recovery. Schedule your free case consultation today to get started.