Car Accidents With Delivery Drivers

Any time you get something delivered, whether it’s food or a package, there’s a delivery driver involved. Just like any other driver on the road, delivery drivers can cause accidents too. However, delivery driver car accidents are more complex than regular car accidents. If you ever find yourself in a car accident with a delivery driver, it’s important to understand the differences. Continue reading to learn more about car accidents with delivery drivers.

The first difference between a standard car accident and a delivery driver-involved accidents is that there are two separate claims made; one for the driver and one for the company that employed the driver. This is due to each party having separate lawyers, different insurance companies, and the possible responsibility the company has over the driver’s actions.

Even if delivery drivers have personal car insurance, that insurance policy typically won’t cover any accidents that occur while the driver is working. However, the company that the driver is working for may have insurance over their employees and their actions. Unfortunately, companies such as DoorDash and UberEats hire their drivers as independent contractors to limit the liability that could come back on the company.

Secondly, whether or not it is a company-owned vehicle or a personal vehicle being used for commercial purposes, there is some technology in the vehicle that is acting as a GPS to make the deliveries. Most of this technology does store information about the driver’s speed, stopping, starting, and more, allowing you to see their driving habits. This information can be highly useful when seeking compensation and trying to prove fault.

Lastly, you can take the deposition of a corporate representative in cases of delivery driver accidents. Through this deposition, the representative can be asked about their policies and standards for their drivers and may provide the information that the driver was not following their policies.

Companies typically prefer to go the route of settlement as opposed to lawsuits, due to not wanting people to dig into the background of their company and the drivers that they hire. Prior to the driver being allowed on the road, there should be a background check performed and the proper training implemented to ensure the driver is fit to do the job. However, this does not always happen. Many companies get busy and let certain tasks fall through the cracks. Or they have high turnover or are short staffed, so they cut corners to make sure deliveries are still being made. Companies also want to prevent their name from being associated with a verdict in a lawsuit, so they mostly go for settlement to not have a public relations issue.

Car accidents with delivery drivers can be extremely complex, making them difficult to handle alone. If you find yourself in an accident with a delivery driver, give us a call at J. Stein Law Firm. Our attorneys are well experienced in this field, know how to work with the drivers and the companies, and can get you a good result. To discuss your potential case, schedule a free consultation with us today.